May 2022

Why are smaller brands succeeding with Live Video Shopping?

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Bambuser’s smaller, more local clients are achieving incredible results

90% of Bambuser’s clients go live using a smartphone, proving that you don’t need big production budgets to achieve huge success with Live Video Shopping.  

Take a look at the four insights below to see why smaller brands are acheiving ecom success with Bambuser's technology, and learn from our recommendations, regardless of the size of your brand.


Doubling down on authenticity

In today’s hyper-saturated media landscape where brands are truly omnipresent, people crave authenticity. Younger consumers in particular demand transparency when engaging with brands.

Smaller businesses have the upper hand here because they often have closer relationships with their customers, which is an advantage they leverage with Live Video Shopping.

Bambuser’s smaller clients are using their founders to host shows who sit and chat directly with the camera as if the customer is right beside them. This setup helps to nurture strong bonds with the customers thanks to it creating powerful atmosphere where they feel heard and seen.

Bambuser recommends:

Whether it’s a big-budget production or a simple smartphone setup, your hosts should create authenticity by being approachable and making an effort to get to know their customers.


Create a customer-centric focus

Lots of smaller brands are using Bambuser’s solutions to effectively showcase the products their customers really want to see, and also to solve their problems with expert advice.

An excellent example is Rachel Lynn x Cori Lynn. The jewelry brand made the impromptu decision to prolong their first-ever livestream because the customers were extremely engaged and making the most of the opportunity to ask the founder their burning questions.

Rachel Lynn x Cori Lynn has since hosted lots of livestreams in the same spirit, covering the cost of Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution after just two shows.

Bambuser recommends:

Always put customers first. Ask yourself “Who am I communicating with and what value am I bringing them?” Try to help, educate, entertain or inspire your audience any way you can.


Work smart

Smaller brands also have the advantage of typically shorter chains of command and employees having higher levels of decision-making power.

The ability to activate everyone in the company to put time into Live Video shopping is very effective. It creates opportunities for the brand to test out different workflows and content ideas to work towards a perfectly tailored Live Video Shopping formula.

Bambuser recommends:

Anchor Live Video Shopping deep within your brand to ensure it gets the right amount of support and dedication. Create a team to run the initiative and consider a supporting task force across different departments.


Utilize existing channels

Getting the right audience to watch your shows is crucial for success, but how do you attract the right audience? By making good use of your existing channels!

Lots of Bambuser’s smaller clients are promoting their shows for free across their social media pages, in emails and newsletters and via website banners.

By doing this, they are increasing the chance of their loyal, already converted customers joining their shows.

Also, some brands are repurposing their Live Video Shopping content into standalone pieces posted on their social media pages to entice new customers and maximize reach.

Bambuser recommends:

Create a monthly output of content that teases your customers with upcoming sales and offers they can only take advantage of in your shows. You can repurpose recorded shows to showcase past offers and create a sense of FOMO.


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