BOSS Launches Authentic Live Shopping with a Smartphone and Influencer Hosts

BOSS is one of Germany’s largest and most respected designer fashion brands.  

The brand is the biggest within the HUGO BOSS group – a global pioneer in fashion since 1924 – and is traditionally renowned for its stylish men’s suits.

Headquartered in Metzingen, the company boasts a network of over 1,100 stores worldwide and a website providing international customers with a seamless, branded online shopping experience.


BOSS urgently wanted to join the global shift towards Live Shopping to offer their customers authentic, immersive experiences via an inexpensive, versatile setup.

The brand knew that Live Shopping is a vital online shopping experience customers now expect from retailers and was keen to enter the space by leveraging a premium solution.

BOSS chose Bambuser’s One-to-Many because it was the only solution on the market capable of fully embodying the brand’s premium look and feel. But, like every brand Bambuser works with, BOSS had a number of unique requirements.

One-to-Many needed to…

  • Host authentic and engaging Live Shopping shows
  • Bring BOSS closer to its customers
  • Launch with an inexpensive and easy to use setup
  • Embed into the website within two weeks
  • Achieve strong results with minimum staff training
“Live Shopping is a tool that is becoming increasingly vital for all brands. Customers these days want more and more interaction. Our goal was to integrate new features into our website that would give our customers what they want.”


The first livestream ‘STYLE LIKE A BOSS’ was recorded on a smartphone and hosted by local influencers who guided viewers through BOSS summer looks for the office.

Within two weeks, One-to-Many was embedded into BOSS's website, as requested. The solution was wrapped in the brand's unique color scheme and the logo was embedded in the bottom right corner of the player.

BOSS chose a pre-recorded, versatile Live Shopping format to ensure the livestreams can be recorded from anywhere and broadcasted to the world without any technical concerns.

Bambuser worked collaboratively with BOSS, sending a studio and production manager to Metzingen to record the show using a smartphone and a professional app costing only $14.99. BOSS’s ecom team was also shown how to stream the video file via One-to-Many and how to make the on-screen clothing items shoppable.

BOSS recruited two well-known German fashion influencers to host the show, which is a Live Shopping strategy that maximizes viewers and provides on-screen professionalism without the risk of ‘dead air’ (awkward pauses in conversation).

Finally, to push viewership further, BOSS created a buzz around its Live Shopping launch through marketing. A newsletter was released before going live and on the day  a story was posted via Instagram that took followers to the stream via a link.

“STYLE LIKE A BOSS refers to our brand message: BE YOUR OWN BOSS. The show teaches our customers to be their own boss and style themselves like it. This is our decided overall message for Live Shopping with collections and topics going forward.”


STYLE LIKE A BOSS was a huge success.
The 21-minute livestream achieved an incredible 135% engagement rate, revealing a dedicated Live Shopping audience.

On top of the impressive engagement rate, a huge 650 loyal viewers tuned in and stayed on-site for an average of up to five minutes.

The number of viewers sourced from the newsletter and Instagram story was also very impressive. The Bambuser Dashboard showed that 92% of those consumers committed to staying and watching the stream. This suggests that BOSS can look forward to engaging with the vast majority of its Live Shopping audience in the future.

BOSS was also extremely impressed with the revenue generated. The sales alone encouraged the brand to plan a full integration of One-to-Many throughout both the BOSS and HUGO online stores.

All in all, BOSS was able to achieve its objective of hosting an authentic, premium Live Shopping experience with significant and promising results, using an inexpensive and easy to use setup.

The brand's ecom team is excited to continue growing closer to its audience with One-to-Many and to see how the partnership with Bambuser will develop.


“For our first show we got great feedback. Customers were very engaged and interacted with One-to-Many's like and comment features. The solution is really promising.”




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“We wanted a simple solution that was ready for operation. It had to be easy to prepare our shows and easy to go live.”

Yukiko Ikeda

“Our community expects an unparalleled digital experience. Bambuser helps us deliver unique and new experiences very easily.”

Nicola Antonelli

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