Matas Improves Brand Image with Busy Live Shopping Schedule

Matas is Denmark’s largest beauty and skincare brand with more than 250 stores and a members scheme with 75% of Danish women aged 18 to 60 signed up.

The brand is known as the authority on health and beauty, as well as the in-store experts who embody the motto: “Good Advice Makes the Difference”.


Matas strive to be the best when it comes to offering expert knowledge and inspiration through real human interaction, which became a challenge when COVID-19 put a pause on their in-store consultations.

Their business model is built around one-on-one interactions where their in-store experts provide their customers with honest and tailored advice. So, when restrictions prevented them from having this physical presence, they realized they needed a new way to engage and maintain a connection with their customers.

When COVID-19 hit Denmark in March 2020, we needed to enhance our digital dialogue. So, we launched Matas LIVE via One-to-Many, unlocking a new way to communicate with customers.

Janne Andersen, Head of Digital Business Development, Matas


Matas uses Bambuser to offer their customers a Live Video Shopping solution that would meet their need to speak directly with their customers. Together with the Bambuser team, Matas were able to be up and running with their first event within just 10 days of signing their contract.

Matas’ Live Video Shopping events required an identity to ensure their customers saw it as a new and exciting offering. Matas LIVE was created as an independent arm of the business with dedicated editorial, marketing and production teams. These teams write the show manuscripts, secure special promotions, coordinate with guests and utilize their social channels to promote Matas LIVE and ensure it broadcasts twice a week, without fail.

“Test, fail, learn and stay consistent. Test out different setups when it comes to topics, storyline, location, host, frequency and show length until you find what works best for you and your customers.”

Cecilia Demant, Editor-in-Chief, Matas LIVE


Matas LIVE has become a truly memorable Live Video Shopping experience, serving as a platform where the brand educates, entertains, inspires and learns from their loyal customers.

The popularity of the live shows is undeniable and they now cover different themes within beauty and wellness, often addressing topics requested by the customers themselves. Their hosts have also shared the screen with celebrities and influencers like actor Chris Hemsworth and beauty guru Ole Henriksen.

Their unique live streaming formula – which utilizes Bambuser’s Pre-recorded feature – has been meticulously refined and improved over time. They put a lot of their successes down to their mentality towards trial and error. After every show, they closely monitor their engagement rates and average viewing time to give them an understanding of exactly what their customers want to see.

This has resulted in Matas’ Live Video Shopping fulfilling all their financial KPIs. Beyond this, the quality of their content has also contributed positively to their brand perception, helping them to build loyal customer relationships and bring noticeable value.

Matas is now able to offer their expert knowledge and inspiration through a digital solution that mimics physical conversation and has achieved a 15% average engagement rate across over 300 shows.

“We ensure that the shows continue to create value by implementing them on the relevant product detail pages for customers to interact with while shopping.”

Learn more about Matas LIVE and watch their Pre-recorded shows here.


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“We wanted a simple solution that was ready for operation. It had to be easy to prepare our shows and easy to go live.”

Yukiko Ikeda

“Our community expects an unparalleled digital experience. Bambuser helps us deliver unique and new experiences very easily.”

Nicola Antonelli

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