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Samsung & Bambuser step into the Metaverse to launch the Galaxy S22 with a virtual influencer

On Thursday 10 Feb 2022, Bambuser took Live Video Shopping into the Metaverse in collaboration with leading enterprise client Samsung, and the innovative Atlanta-based tech startup, Offbeat.

Kicking off at 7pm CET, Samsung went live to promote the recently launched Galaxy S22 with a record-breaking and unforgettable live show co-hosted by a Tik-Tok superstar, a celebrity TV presenter and Zero, a virtual influencer living in the Nexus metaverse, created by Offbeat.







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Samsung & Bambuser step into the Metaverse to launch the Galaxy S22 with a virtual influencer

The objective

The Samsung Galaxy S22 – the Korean tech-giant’s latest, bleeding-edge smartphone – had been launched in Sweden, Norway and Finland just hours before by TM Roh, Samsung’s President and Head of MX Business.

Samsung wanted to use its Live Video Shopping potential to continue the momentum of the launch and further increase sales and awareness in the integral Nordic market by reaching as many people as possible.

In true Bambuser and Samsung fashion, the decision was made to provide the Nordic audience with a future-facing and exciting experience they had never seen before.


The solution

The specially-designed event was a world-first, groundbreaking livestream that blurred the lines between our reality and the metaverse, co-hosted by popular Tik-Tok creator Liam Kalevi, actor and TV presenter Malin Falk Gramer and – to the amazement of everyone involved – virtual influencer Zero.

For the first time, Live Video Shopping stepped into the Metaverse as Bambuser’s technology empowered the show with shoppable capabilities, allowing viewers to exclusively buy the Galaxy S22 in-stream and receive a free tech bundle including the Galaxy Buds Pro worth 5,600 SEK ($600 / £445).

The livestream was broadcast not only on Samsung’s native Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish sites, but also simultaneously on social platforms Facebook and YouTube and the sites of two leading Swedish news companies, Aftonbladet and Feber.


The results

Across each of the countries and sites, the 52-minute show achieved truly outstanding results, proving that introducing cutting-edge features and pushing for new milestones is a recipe for Live Video Shopping success.

The total number of participating viewers who watched the show reached an astonishing 25,460 (16,600 via Bambuser stream; 8,800 via Facebook; 2,012 via and 1,384 via

Viewers hit the in-stream “like” button 29,500 times and sent 917 comments inquiring about the products and chatting with Samsung’s agents who were on standby, ready to help and encourage sales.

The audience spent a staggering total of 989 hours watching the stream, soaking up the products and witnessing history in the making.

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