CUPRA and Wayke pioneer Live Video Shopping in the automotive industry

CUPRA and Wayke pioneer
live show
customer engagement

CUPRA is the high-performance brand within Volkswagen Group, named from fusing together the term “Cup Racing”.

Born in 2018 CUPRA is the unconventional challenger that combines emotion, electrification, and performance to inspire the world from Barcelona.

The brand is synonymous with bleeding-edge driving innovation and their cars’ distinct, built-for-speed design.

CUPRA and Wayke pioneer Live Video Shopping in the automotive industry

The objective 

CUPRA had the ambition of tapping into a brand new customer base and opening a broader, louder dialogue with their online and social audiences.

They had seen how quickly Live Video Shopping was growing and were confident it would be effective within the automotive industry. 

So, CUPRA contacted Wayke – Sweden’s leading, cutting-edge digital car marketplace – who brought them to Bambuser to get their Live Video Shopping experience off the ground.

“After some research, we quickly came to the conclusion that Bambuser was the best and most progressive provider on the market with many interesting case studies from other verticals.”
Sofia Forsling, Head of Partnership, Wayke

The solution 

After a speedy sign up, One-to-Many was swiftly and easily integrated into Wayke’s website. 

Bambuser closely guided them through the onboarding process, taking their strong and unique branding into careful consideration during the setup phase where the player was designed. 

Wayke, together with CUPRA, uses Bambuser’s Dashboard to monitor and track KPIs. For their industry’s unique, higher price point, they find live show viewer numbers, product page views and page saves to be very illuminating. 

The most crucial KPIs they track are the number of viewers and their engagement (the use of the chat and like functions), page views of products showcased, the number of customers who contact retailers directly and the number of viewers who start purchases, compared to those who complete them. These figures allow them to fine tune their content in their live shows and the relationship between them and their physical stores.

CUPRA and Wayke pioneer Live Video Shopping in the automotive industry
“We can see that we will be able to use One-to-Many for unique brands and retailers, and also leverage it for different themes and add-on services… The possibilities are endless!”
Sofia Forsling, Head of Partnership, Wayke

The Results  

Despite the brand initially opting for a trial, it quickly became clear that One-to-Many was effective. The solution immediately generated much more engagement than expected and in their first show CUPRA generated a 23% engagement rate and more than 2,000 viewers. According to automotive benchmarks, this was especially impressive considering the fact the automotive industry is known for its difficulty in gaining customer interaction.

CUPRA’s sales team are able to talk about their cars in an easy-going setting while their customers can ask questions and continue to browse their product pages with the live show continuing in the mini player. 

With this ability to deeply inform customers in real-time, One-to-Many has shortened CUPRA’s sales funnel. Customers from all over the world are being encouraged to make the large five-figure purchases that are typically considered a huge hurdle, in a new and exciting way that the automotive industry has never seen before.

“Dare to try it! It has been educational and inspiring for the entire automotive industry to learn that it is actually possible to use Live Video Shopping.”
Eva-Maria Elstner, Digital Marketing Manager, CUPRA

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