LUISAVIAROMA offers an unparalleled digital experience by introducing Live Video Shopping during Milan, Paris & NYC Fashion Week

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LUISAVIAROMA has been the go-to retailer for the international fashion elite since 1930. The brand is known for its exclusive selections, offered straight from the runway and for selling pre-selected items from leading designers such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Givenchy, as well as from the best emerging designers.

Online since 1999, the company now attributes 90% of total revenue to ecommerce sales and was among the first in luxury fashion to invest heavily in digital. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect and engage with their audience and offer premium customer experiences.

LUISAVIAROMA offers an unparalleled digital experience by introducing Live Video Shopping during Milan, Paris & NYC Fashion Week

The objective 

In January 2020, LUISAVIAROMA wanted to optimize the Fashion Weeks, events they rely on to create a significant amount of conversion. 

When speaking to the Bambuser team who had flown into Milan from Stockholm, they expressed a pain point typical for many companies in their industry; the luxury goods they offer have a higher price point which can create longer sales funnels as well as their audience being predominantly based internationally.

LUISAVIAROMA needed their online touchpoints to have a sleek and premium feel to match their customers’ needs and to cater for each currency and language, all with the objective to create an excellent customer experience and to shorten their sales funnel.

“Our community expects an unparalleled digital experience. Bambuser helps us deliver unique and new experiences very easily.”
Nicola Antonelli, CMO, LUISAVIAROMA

The solution 

Bambuser integrated with LUISAVIAROMA’s product list in just a few days, allowing them to go live in time for Milan Fashion Week. From the awe-inspiring Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, they hosted an exclusive One-to-Many launch event, debuting David Beckham’s DB eyewear collection. 

Next, came a live popup activation event at Paris Fashion Week with K-Swiss and Lil Jupiter where the sneaker influencer unveiled the CR-Terrati sneaker in a new and exclusive color, led a live show and hosted a Meet and Greet.

Finally, during New York Fashion Week, the Suarez Sisters hosted a walkaround One-to-Many live show, giving viewers a window into the streets of the Tribeca neighborhood and the iconic Spring Studio. 

LUISAVIAROMA offers an unparalleled digital experience by introducing Live Video Shopping during Milan, Paris & NYC Fashion Week
“Luxury shoppers have high expectations and are always searching for new premium experiences. LUISAVIAROMA pioneered by adding Live Video Shopping to their online platform at a very early stage, showing that the luxury segment can tell unique stories and connect with their customers.”
Sophie Abrahamsson, CCO, Bambuser

The results

LUISAVIAROMA launched Live Video Shopping during the Fashion Weeks to maintain their luxury innovative ethos, and it proved to be incredibly successful as the solution fit seamlessly into the brand’s narrative and their objective to create an unparalleled digital experience. 

Across all three of the Fashion Week live shows, they garnered a huge 62% average Engagement Rate (likes and comments), with their first ever show, featuring David Beckham in Milan, achieving a staggering 83% ER. The three events also achieved an average add-to-cart rate of 16%, which is astonishing given their products’ price point proving that an elevated luxury customer experience can support customers’ propensity to purchase and shorten sales funnels. 

Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution has been built with ease of use at the forefront of all its developments which allowed LUISAVIAROMA to capitalize on its ability to use geo-locate for them to communicate with their customers across eight different languages and currencies, meaning their viewers were able to shop the high-end products seamlessly, enjoyably and without confusion.

Since first going live, LUISAVIAROMA has continued to offer Live Video Shopping but now they not only document Fashion Week activations, but they also go live for a variety of exclusive events such as product launches and unique influencer-curated collections, too.

"LUISAVIAROMA has shown that Live Video Shopping can enhance the shopping experience and add value when showcasing premium and luxury items in inspiring ways that lead to shorter decision making for the customer.”
Sophie Abrahamsson, CCO, Bambuser

Learn more about LUISAVIAROMA’s One-to-Many offering and watch some pre-recorded shows here.

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