Every 60 seconds Profoto capitalizes on customers with purchase intent via One-to-One

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Profoto is a leading photography hardware brand that increases conversion by inviting customers who have shown purchase intent into One-to-One calls with sales staff to x, y, z.

More than 50 years ago, photographers Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine tasked themselves with creating the very best flash for the very best photographers.

This ambition led them to found Profoto with the simple principle of empowering and facilitating “a world filled with incredible images”.

Today the brand is a world-leader and renowned pioneer in photography hardware, priding itself on the superior craftsmanship and innovation that goes into every single product.

Every 60 seconds Profoto capitalizes on customers with purchase intent via One-to-One

The objective

After experimenting with other providers, Bambuser’s One-to-One was the obvious choice because of its powerful and exclusive features.  

Customers these days shop primarily online, especially for the kind of high-value tech and hardware Profoto is famously known for. So, like most modern brands, they rely heavily on their website as their main revenue stream. 

In Profoto’s search for a Live Video Shopping provider, they needed a solution that could be embedded seamlessly into their site which could promise conversion, excellent customer experiences and the ability to precisely measure and gauge their customers’ interest. 

Bambuser’s One-to-One solution was the obvious choice not only because it met every one of their requirements, but because of its ability to support checkouts within the player, a feature no other provider could offer. 

“We tried a number of other providers, but the key feature that only Bambuser could offer was the ability for customers to add items to their baskets within the player.”
Sara Strid, VP, Profoto

The solution

One-to-One was embedded into Profoto’s website with a unique and well considered strategy based on their site statistics. 

A lot of Bambuser's clients use One-to-One to solve customer queries by embedding it into their help or contact pages. This method has proven very effective at measurably boosting brand loyalty, but Profoto chose to use One-to-One in a very different and strategic way. 

The brand was acutely aware of its website analytics. They knew how long customers were spending on the site as well as which pages they were visiting and used this information to understand which of them were showing the highest likelihood of completing purchases.

They chose to capitalize on this powerful information by inviting customers into One-to-One calls when their customers had spent 60-seconds on any product page.

This unique use of Bambuser’s technology was designed not only to increase the likelihood of sales, but to set Profoto apart from competitors in their customers’ minds as the brand that provides them with friendly, knowledgeable faces when they need them. 

Every 60 seconds Profoto capitalizes on customers with purchase intent via One-to-One
“We focus mainly on sales. We set high revenue goals and use the Bambuser dashboard to monitor our progress, noting how each solution is performing.”
Sara Strid, VP, Profoto

The results

One-to-One is now an integral add-on that has generated an avg of $2,000 with every call.

One-to-One is proving to be an extremely effective on-site add-on that has easily met Profoto’s needs by exponentially increasing their sales.

Within the first quarter of 2022, 140 customers joined One-to-One calls with Protofoto’s staff and spent $2,100 on average, which is astonishing for a brand new revenue stream that essentially appeared overnight. 

Every day the likelihood for sales on their site is maximized because their staff are now empowered to step in when customers show intent to purchase, much like they would in-store.

Live Video Shopping with Bambuser’s One-to-One has revolutionized Profoto’s sales funnel, giving them more control, greater conversion and a much better understanding of their customers.

“The measurability has changed everything for us. We can finally track our success which enables us to adapt and refine our ecommerce approach.”
Sara Strid, VP, Profoto

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