Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

US Jewelry Brand Reaches 56% ROI in Just One Week


A small and beloved  female-owned jewelry brand

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn is a small, independent business founded and run by two business partners.

Based in Aspen, Colorado, the brand began in 2020 and now has a three-person team.

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn is proud to be a  respected name in bespoke jewelry with
a deeply involved customer base and extensive product range made entirely 
in the USA.

We are an extremely small and efficient operation. We’re almost two years old, and for the majority of that time it was just myself and my Co-Founder Rachel.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

The objective

Like most modern brands, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn relies on ecom.

The brand’s website generates the majority of their sales and it’s where they communicate with customers and tell their unique story.

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s objective was to utilize Live Video Shopping as a new platform that would grow their on-site revenue and excite their customers’ online experience.

A key factor when adopting Live Video Shopping was to diversify ourselves to not be on just one platform. It was important to us that we integrated 
a solution on our site that elevated the online experience for our community.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

Introducing One-to-Many

The most powerful Video commerce solution on the market

Embedding One-to-Many into 
Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s site took less than one week


One-to-Many was easily implemented into Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s site thanks to Bambuser’s expert onboarding team, allowing the brand to quickly start generating sales via seamless and branded shoppable videos.


One-to-Many supports endless customers on Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s site who interact with the brand using the solution’s best-in-class chat and ‘like’ engagement features.


One-to-Many nurtures a bond between Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn and their customers by creating a personal environment that supports real-time, two-way conversations.

The 3 biggest ways One-to-Many benefits Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

1.  Nurturing powerful human connections

When the founder is a familiar face, it adds a feeling of authenticity

Q&As with a Co-Founder

Customers feel connected to Corri McFadden (Co-Founder and Creative Director) thanks to her being the consistent face of the brand’s shows.

An inexpensive, reactive setup

With nothing more than a smartphone, a tripod and a ring light, Corri can go live quickly from pretty much anywhere to connect with her dedicated audience.

A two-way conversation

Customers can engage with Corri by asking questions via the chat function and filling the screen with floating hearts via the ‘like’ button.

A healthy social presence

The brand advertises upcoming shows via posts on social media and through their newsletters, giving customers the chance to influence the topics discussed and products shown on screen.

2.  Securing customers’ attention

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s secret to success is unbroken consistency

A rhythm customers can count on

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn goes live weekly – without fail – hosting popular, themed shows. They also create engagement spikes every eight weeks by promoting unmissable product drops.

Feature-length fun

Co-founder Corri hosts shows that usually run for longer than one hour, allowing plenty of time for customers to explore the showcased products and engage by offering in-depth insights.

Genuine incentives

As well as a tool to launch new products and announce breaking news, each show offers incentives like exclusive discounts and 
one-off deals.

Consistency is key. Once you set a time to go live it's important you show up for your audience. They need to know where and when to find you. If they're going to commit to you, you need to always commit to them.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

3.  Utilizing data to continuously improve

The Bambuser Dashboard is the most comprehensive Live Video Shopping stats hub on the market

Powered by data

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn constantly refine the format of their shows using the extensive data shown in the Bambuser Dashboard – the beating heart of their Live Video Shopping efforts.

Recognizing key stats

After each show is over, they debrief by looking at new and repeat viewership, engagement figures and most importantly, sales. They use the Bambuser Dashboard to guide them on the ideal length of their shows and which products customers want to see on screen. 

Understanding their audience

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn have also learned the importance of allowing their customers to dictate the direction of their shows. From the topics and products discussed to the days they go live; the customers get their say.

The results







avg. order value


total viewers


avg. engagement rate


avg. customer view time


Key takeaways
for small brands

Consistency is key

A strict schedule provides customers with not only exclusive incentives and an engaging online experience, but a dependable way to shop their favorite brands.

Always test. Always learn.

Identifying key successes and what customers want to see on screen is vital to growing a reliable, profitable Live Video Shoppping platform. 

Keep production minimal

Live Video Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Brands can go live at any time from anywhere with just a smartphone, a tripod and a ring light.

The core of our sales is now Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping... We look forward to growing with One-to-Many as Bambuser rolls out new features and elevates the shopping experience even further.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

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