Japanese Lifestyle Brand Baycrew’s Switches to Bambuser


Offering fashion and homeware sourced from around the world, as well a number of owned brands, Baycrew’s is a household name in  Japan.

Founded in 1977 in Tokyo, the brand delivers their mission of providing “the joy of life” to people of all ages, from over 500 stores and their intuitive site.



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The objective

Keen to stay ahead of the curve by adopting Live Shopping, Baycrew’s had already tried another Live Shopping provider before speaking to Bambuser but came across several issues.

The first and most troubling was the solution’s large cookies that made the site load slowly for customers, which heavily impacted viewing figures and ultimately sales.

The second was that Baycrew’s felt the solution didn’t suit their approach to filming Live Shopping events, which involved a studio with professional equipment including external cameras.

So, ultimately Baycrew’s came to Bambuser hoping that One-to-Many was robust, lean, easy to use, and could host high-end Live Shopping events using their preferred setup.

“We wanted a simple solution that was ready for operation. It had to be easy to prepare our shows and easy to go live.”

Yukiko Ikeda, Baycrew’s


The solution

Bambuser’s onboarding team embedded One-to-Many into Baycrew’s site in just two weeks. Immediately the loading time was significantly shorter and the solution proved to be more responsive for customers. Baycrew’s now have the confidence to launch products right out of the box and announce new seasonal fashion lines, live from their Tokyo HQ.

As for using external cameras, something unexpected happened. The ecom team tested streaming via a smartphone and a tripod and were very impressed.

Lastly, Baycrew’s can also easily track KPIs like number of purchases, conversion rate, and which products sell well. Using the Bambuser Dashboard and Google Analytics, the brand can track Live Shopping performance and act on deep insights.

Thanks to the superior quality of One-to-Many, both sales and engagement were higher than expected, leading Baycrew’s to totally rewrite their Live Shopping strategy, decreasing budget to make room for more revenue.

“Tracking our live shows’ data enables us to measure the impact and efficacy of our Live Shopping efforts. We can see exactly how many orders come from Live Shopping compared to the overall ecommerce.”

Yukiko Ikeda, Baycrew’s


The results

Bambuser’s One-to-Many has not only empowered Baycrew’s to go live quickly with a professional look and feel, but it has proven to be a new revenue stream that keeps customers on-site for longer than ever.  

The most powerful revenue statistic is that One-to-Many generates 19% of company-wide sales on average every day it’s used, dwarfing the 5% achieved by the previous solution. The ecom team at Baycrew’s are most impressed with the 14-minute average customer viewing time, which is also much higher than the previous solution.  

Between February and August 2022 Live Shopping brought in over 38,650 orders from more than 175,000 viewers who tuned in for a mammoth combined time of 41,630 hours. But, probably the most impressive statistic is that Live Shopping achieved an unprecedented conversion rate of 22%.

Going forward, Baycrew’s plans to take a new approach to Live Shopping, devoting single events to unique brands to allow them to go live much more regularly. Their unique strategy will combine Instagram Live and One-to-Many to ensure the products are seen by as many eyes as possible.

“​​The average customer viewing time is steadily increasing. The impression we’re getting is that more people are able to focus and stay engaged within our Live Shopping events now, thanks to the improved usability and overall experience of One-to-Many.”

Yukiko Ikeda, Baycrew’s

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