Bloomingdale’s & New York Fashion Week

Bloomingdale’s | 150th Anniversary Livestream for NY Fashion Week


Bloomingdale’s is one of most recognizable names in luxury retail with more than 50 locations worldwide. The brand has played a key role in defining the department store model and is an iconic New York institution.






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Bloomingdale’s & Live Shopping

Bloomingdale’s On Screen is the brand’s Live Shopping channel, powered by One-to-Many.

Launched in October 2021, Bloomingdale’s On Screen sits alongside traditional sales channels, engaging international customers regularly with exclusive designer reveals, expert demonstrations, Q&As, sale events and more.

The objective

In April 2022, Bloomingdale’s met with the Bambuser Plus team to plan a groundbreaking shoppable red carpet live event in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.

On September 9 the brand would go live via One-to-Many to celebrate its 150th anniversary and kick off New York Fashion Week celebrations.

Live from the New York flagship store on Lexington Avenue, viewers would get the chance to shop the anniversary collection worn by high-profile guests. They would also be able to chat with Lola Ogunike, the popular entertainment journalist chosen to host the event.

“This partnership with Bambuser enabled a high-end production via a range of camera shots. We combined red carpet interviews, full-body outfit shots, and pre-recorded event content.”

Kevin Harter, VP of Integrated Marketing and Fashion Office at Bloomingdale's

The solution

In the months leading up to the event, Bambuser Plus worked with Bloomingdale’s to establish creative direction, set design, equipment, scripting, livestream moderation, production scheduling and sourcing talent.

Bambuser Plus provided production experts in New York equipped with experience of hosting similar large-scale One-to-Many events for other enterprise Bambuser customers.

To provide a totally uninterrupted livestream with a high-end and exclusive look and feel, the team set up a bespoke production area and ran sharp tests. To drive the brand’s presence, prevent ‘dead air’ and encourage maximum impact and engagement, One-to-Many was linked to three on-set cameras via RTMP (a technology enabling external streaming using multiple camera angles and live editing).

This recording technique was chosen because it allowed Bloomingdale’s to continue livestreaming while setting up celebrity interviews. To cover each break, 60-second visuals were created on the spot using live-edited content and pre-recorded footage, including the anniversary campaign video.

The results

The 150th X Harper’s Bazaar Icons Gala Livestream achieved the highest-ever KPIs of any Bloomingdale’s On Screen Live Shopping event.

Viewership increased by almost 150% within the first five minutes thanks to a live countdown – a technique used to build anticipation and give more viewers the chance to join. The countdown shot showed Lexington Avenue with thousands of people in attendance, adding a strong feeling of prestige and excitement.

Viewers watched live for a record-breaking average of 11 minutes and hit the “like” button more than 5,000 times. Lola played a key role in this success with her confidence on camera and reminders for viewers to engage via the chat and stay tuned for upcoming exclusive interviews.

For the cost of the 50-minute livestream, Bloomingdale’s achieved an astonishing 477% ROI and unlocked a new way to generate significant revenue with large-scale events.

“Viewers were driven to the site to make purchases by the shoppable exclusive anniversary pieces that were worn by talent and showcased in pre-recorded shots.”

Kevin Harter, VP of Integrated Marketing and Fashion Office at Bloomingdale's

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