1,500% Sales Growth for French furniture brand Bobochic


Bobochic began in a Parisian cafe and has grown to be one of the most popular designer furniture brands in France.

Founders Sébastien Réa and Emmanuel Mendes took the leap in 2015 to follow their dream of designing furniture that reflects their unique, uncompromising vision.







in sales


The objective

Sébastien and Emmanuel created Bobochic with a vision of being future-proof with a fluid online presence and no need to pay rent for expensive showrooms. They needed their website to give their online customers a complete, 360° feel for the texture, style and quality of their pieces.

They approached Bambuser after seeing we had won the 2021 LVMH Innovation Award and discovering how Live Video Shopping was bridging the online and instore gap for other French brands such as Printemps, Veepee, Lanvin and Monnier Frères.

Bambuser’s French team provided Bobochic with all the confidence they needed to kickstart their Live Video Shopping story.

“The live shows allow for a new customer experience. Our customers can discover products in a new and different way and interact with our teams directly.”

Victoire Monclus – Head of marketing and media relations


The solution

Bambuser’s One-to-Many was the perfect solution to ensure their online-only business model delivered a user experience that would thrive.  

Bobochic uses the intuitive livestreaming tool to showcase new products regularly to large audiences across the globe. They also use it on public holidays to offer unique discounts and host competitions, as well as to guide customers on how to configure living spaces and how to take care of their pieces.  

To measure One-to-Many’s success and improve their livestreaming format, their team uses special discount codes that enable their live shows’ sales to be tracked.

“Our favorite feature is the ability to shop on our website while watching our live shows in the mini player.”

Victoire Monclus – Head of marketing and media relations


The results  

Even when Bobochic were new to Live Video Shopping they saw impressive results from the start.

By incorporating a thorough omnichannel marketing strategy, their first show attracted almost 500 viewers and made 130% ROI (based on Bambuser’s monthly cost).

But it was the growth from their first to their second show that provided the most incredible results.

Bobochic understood the need to analyze and learn from their first show, so they teased their audiences with a strategic social campaign, getting them invested and excited. They also hosted the show with a dynamic duo consisting of a well-rehearsed team member and a professional presenter.

The show achieved a 500% growth in viewers, this time gaining 3,000 viewers, and saw a 1,500% growth in sales where they generated a record-breaking €115,000 worth of sold products.

This format is where Bobochic has found its sweet spot. From here the brand is analyzing and developing its Live Video Shopping formula to continue creating bigger and better sales in the future.

“We are counting on One-to-Many to create customer confidence and a 360 furniture shopping experience.”

Victoire Monclus – Head of marketing and media relations

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