Live Shopping in One of the Fastest Growing Fashion Markets


Buttonscarves is an Indonesian brand founded in 2016 from the belief that Islamic dress can be both fashionable and practical.

The brand offers a variety of products from headscarves to jewelry and accessories, and believes in premium customer service.


The solution

In Autumn 2020, Buttonscarves pioneeringly became one of the first Indonesian brands to offer Live Video Shopping, using Bambuser’s One-to-Many technology.

To achieve Live Video Shopping success, Buttonscarves focuses on exclusivity and engagement. Every week they introduce new items on their livestream, offering viewers the chance to order from them exclusively before they’re sold traditionally on their site.

The weekly livestreams are hosted by the company’s founders who model the clothing, talk the audience through the features and answer customer questions in real time.

“We can track how many orders we get from the livestream and we can interact directly with our customers and get insights from them... and best of all, it's fun!”

Tasha Fitri Amalia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Buttonscarves


The results

Since launching Live Video Shopping, Buttonscarve’s audience has grown exponentially to a devoted following that tunes into their weekly product launches from all over Indonesia.

Bambuser’s hyper-engaging One-to-Many solution has enabled them to create a regular, real-time, two-way conversation with their customers who have responded incredibly well. So much so, that Buttonscarves has seen entire lines sell out completely within the livestream they were debuted in, leaving none to sit idly on the site.

Buttonscarves' has sculpted a unique Live Video Shopping formula that works best when their content remains new and fresh. They change their backdrop regularly, offer customers something exclusive in every live show (a giveaway or a discount) and embrace the authentic nature of Live Video Shopping with a smile.

It’s this formula that has helped Buttonscarves to build their Live Video Shopping shows into an extremely profitable weekly event with hundreds of concurrent viewers.

“We launch new Buttonscarves products with Live Video Shopping each week and usually we sell them all out in a short space of time.”

Tasha Fitri Amalia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Buttonscarves


Learn more about Button Scarves and watch their Pre-recorded shows here.

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