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Estée Lauder shifts live distribution on Social Media to Bambuser One-to-Many leading to improved purchase rates


In 1946, a lady named Estée Lauder conceptualized and launched a beauty brand in New York.

Today, the brand has established itself globally, maintaining Mrs. Lauder's original philosophy – to continuously pursue the latest technology and elegance within beauty.

Estée Lauder incorporates that philosophy to propose the most suitable solution for each individual’s skin.



up to 500% increased purchase rate


viewers in the first live show


more avg viewers than Instagram


The objective

Estée Lauder previously used social media to livestream, but wanted to progress to a Live Video Shopping  platform that could be used to capitalize on the extremely tech-savvy Japanese market.

After seeing that several overseas markets of the brand have adopted Bambuser and hearing of their successes, the Estée Lauder Japanese team chose to form a partnership with Bambuser.

They decided to create a Live Video Shopping platform for their hundreds of thousands of Estée Lauder site users, social media followers and newsletter recipients "to provide useful deals to brand fans and make shopping on the official website even more enjoyable."

“It's easy! Setting the date and time of the live shows, making them shoppable, embedding them into our website, shooting and hosting them in the app are all so simple – even beginners will be able to do it immediately!”

Mr. Kana Yamada, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Estée Lauder


The solution

Bambuser implemented its One-to-Many solution into Estée Lauder Japan’s site and walked the brand’s web and ecom teams through the process of using the Bambuser Dashboard to set up, edit and fine tune their Live Video Shopping offering.

To enable Estée Lauder to go live and achieve results as quickly as possible, Bambuser’s expert onboarding team helped with “system installation to live rehearsals, live critiques and consultations whenever the team wanted to try something new”.

Estée Lauder’s plan to invite viewers from its existing points of contact was given special consideration.

Bambuser implemented a Live Video Shopping formula that invited customers to tune into upcoming live shows via a series of regular, drip notifications – a format proven to be successful by a lot of Bambuser’s current clients.

Bambuser also advised on creating a sense of authenticity and legitimacy within Estée Lauder’s live shows by having department store beauty advisors host them alongside famous faces.

“We're very thankful and deeply grateful for Bambuser’s support in everything from system installation to live rehearsals…”

Mr. Kana Yamada, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Estée Lauder


The results

The first live show aired on May 13, 2021, just two weeks after the deal with Bambuser began.

Switching from Social Media livestreaming to Bambuser's One-to-Many was immediately a positive decision with visible profits.

In less than two weeks, Estée Lauder saw statistics showing that Bambuser's solution generated up to 500% more sale conversions than before.

Estée Lauder's first stream was watched by 8,072 customers, a staggering 10 times more than the average audience when livestreaming on social media.

Bambuser’s One-to-Many is now cemented as a method to elevate Estée Lauder’s entire ecom experience.

“As one of the brand's best content types, I want to continue to implement Live Video Shopping as we evolve our live presence.”

Mr. Kana Yamada, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Estée Lauder

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