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How Musti Group Built Tail-Wagging Customer Connections with Video Commerce


Musti Group is a leading pet care brand headquartered in Finland, which has been shaping pet care in the Nordics region. They specialize in providing a wide range of products and services, including pet food, accessories, grooming products, and veterinary services.

Taking their commitment to creating a positive and engaging experience for pet owners one step further, they turned to video commerce as a way to build stronger connections with their customer base.



Like many brands, Musti Group faced the challenge of connecting with their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and needed a solution that allowed them to continue to foster connections from a distance and reassure their customers that their pets were still in good hands. Going beyond the in-store experience while still providing high quality, expert services to their customers was a must for Musti Group, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

We inform and spread knowledge, providing our customers with a sense of security. What matters most to us is creating engagement and loyalty.

Sofia Brusebäck, Head of Omni eCom, Musti Group


Solution: The Power of Video Commerce

Through live video shows, Musti Group realized they were able to interact with customers, discuss pet-related topics at length, and answer viewer questions, showcasing their expertise and providing highly engaging experiences. This strategy proved very effective as a way to foster loyalty and interest among their customer base.

Live shows became a focal point for Musti Group, proving to be a hit with customers well beyond pandemic-related challenges. As they deepened their knowledge and expertise in video commerce and continued to see positive reactions from their increasingly engaged audience, Musti Group diversified their video commerce strategy. Not only have they increased the frequency to bi-monthly shows that cover various seasonal topics, but they also introduced digital lectures and masterclasses, featuring experts in specific pet care areas such as dog training. To participate in these exclusive, booking-only live events, attendees have to save their spot in advance and pay a fee to participate.

Musti Group's digital lectures and masterclasses are meticulously planned by the service team, with both internal and external experts taking part. The shows are promoted through Musti Group’s marketing channels and a closed section for questions provides a controlled and safe environment during broadcasts that empowers customers to ask all their questions and get educated on the topics that interest them. Customers also have the flexibility to watch broadcasts for three months after the live show, enhancing accessibility, participation and viewership.

In addition to group interaction, Musti Group also introduced virtual consultations in their video commerce strategy through an initiative they call "book an expert’’ that enables customers to connect with store staff one-on-one through video calls, getting a personalized and highly tailored clienteling experience. They leveraged features such as Virtual try-on and Cobrowsing to provide an interactive shopping experience.



Musti Group’s primary focus for their live shows was to build engagement and loyalty among their customer base, and that’s exactly what they’ve been seeing off the back of their diversified video commerce strategy.

Although they have continuously see positive results in terms of sales, both in terms of purchases made during live shows and virtual consultations and through booking fees for their digital lectures, masterclasses and ‘’book an expert’’ initiative, their main driver is to inform and spread knowledge through the power of motion, creating a sense of security and a strong connection within their customer base.

Another positive outcome of their video commerce strategy which was somewhat unexpected to Musti Group was the level of engagement it created among employees. Store staff are happy to actively participate in live shows and digital clienteling calls, which in turn provides customers with a unique experience powered by a talented and highly engaged team.

Musti Group's journey with Bambuser showcases the transformative impact of video commerce, not just in overcoming specific challenges, but in building lasting connections that create a true sense of security and community among customers.

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