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A historic but
 future-facing brand

Printemps is a department store pioneer and a household name in France. Since openingits Paris flagship store in 1865, thePrintemps has built the reputation of being both an iconic brand and a trailblazer with emerging technologies.  A milestone in Printemps’ transformation into a “designer and beauty platform” was in1999, when the brand made headlines with the world’s first in-store live streaming service. Customers had the exciting opportunity to shop the flagship store virtually via in-store staff wearing webcams. In 2021, Printemps made another commitment to staying ahead of the curve by creating an innovative Video Commerce platform with a lucrative Live Shopping channel at its heart.

Humanizing ecommerce – which is the essence ofLive Shopping – is at the center of our omnichannelstrategy. So much so, Video Commerce is now apart of our DNA.

Maud Funaro Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps

Why Video Commerce?

With a number of Video Commerce partners to choose from and a list of unique goals and requirements, Printemps chose to work with Bambuser.

The superior platform

Printemps came to Bambuser because
 of the reputation of One-to-Many as the leading Live Shopping solution.

The ecom add-on offers a premium and seamlessly on-brand shopping journey, fluid chat function, social media broadcasting and a refined, simple integration.

Connecting personal shoppers
and customers

Printemps came with the innovative idea to put the brand’s famous personal shopping experts at the forefront of a busy Live Shopping channel.

The brand wanted to boost revenue by enabling these experts to sell from anywhere in the world via shoppable video with intuitive, easy to use features.

A fast ROI

Printemps wanted to hit the ground running and cover the Live Shopping investment by the end of the pilot season.

The technology needed to be onboarded quickly and their audience needed to easily adopt a new way of shopping.

Partners with a shared vision

Key figures within Printemps felt that the two companies suited in stature and that Bambuser shared the quality of always looking to the future.

Additionally, both Printemps and Bambuser have legacies in livestreaming, with Bambuser’s platform being built from a robust platform that dates back to 2007.

We were committed to using internal skills to make Live Shopping an effective, long term revenue and community-building tool.

Maud Funaro Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps

En Mode Printemps – a model Live Shopping channel

Printemps quickly embedded Video Commerce into their omnichannel strategy, launching aLive Shopping channel with a considered, flexible strategy to ensure success.

Exciting opportunities in a reliable schedule

Printemps’ Live Shopping channel offers customers a fun and engaging way to shop the latest beauty and fashion.

The themed events are broadcast live to a dedicated audience around the country on Wednesdays at 6:00pm – a preferred time voted for by the audience themselves.

Giving customers this influence over the channel is a powerful example of how basic feedback can be leveraged to strengthen commitment and loyalty.

Marketing integration

Also, like a lot of brands who upkeep good Live Shopping viewership, Printemps advertises upcoming events via their CRM and paid social ads.

The dedicated Live Shopping channel newsletter has an open rate 10% higher than the average across all other newsletters.

Ecom integration

To help customers feel familiar with the channel, it has its own page on the site. The events are promoted with banners on the home page and with the Floating Action Button – a feature that attracts viewers with an automatic preview of ongoing events.

Printemps also uses a combination of Bambuser’s cart integration and miniplayer features. These give viewers the option to enjoy the full-screen, immersive experience where they view product pages within the player, or they can minimize the player to continue watching while browsing the site.

The events can also be cut into short, shoppable video snippets using Bambuser’s editing software. These create evergreen conversion opportunities on product pages, giving customers deeper insights into the products they’re already interested in.

Trustworthy hosts

As planned, the personal shoppers from the flagship store are the hosts of every Live Shopping event.

They use the platform to offer insightful, reliable advice to customers, and build a powerful rapport them proven to drive sales.



impressions per event


of the audience are returning viewers


sales for partner brands


Know your audience

From the beginning, Printemps has used data from both the Bambuser Dashboard and Google Analytics, to see the demographics of the customers viewing the Live Shopping events.

The brand quickly learned the average viewer is 10 years younger than the average customer. So, the strategy and tone was adjusted to speak to the younger audience, which led to an increase in viewership.

Again this proves that tracking performance and data is key to achieving maximum success with Live Shopping.

Streaming across social media

A vital part of Printemps’ strategy is using Bambuser’s “social-multistream” feature to simultaneously stream every event live from their social pages. This exponentially increases viewership figures by leveraging their large social following.

The video format is also automatically adapted to be broadcasted in portrait mode on the site and Instagram, and landscape on YouTube and Facebook – ensuring the best viewing experience for every customer.

Building a dedicated
Video Commerce studio

Printemps doubled down on the commitment to Video Commerce by launching Le Studio – a studio in the heart of the Paris flagship store dedicated to recording Live Shopping content.

A phygital space

The blending of physical and digital spaces is a growing trend in retail around the world. Le Studio is the perfect example of ‘phygital’ because it bridges the gap between the site and the store.

Printemps hosts events from the flagship store while raising awareness with passing customers of the Live Shopping channel.

More professional, more on brand, more frequent

Le Studio enables Printemps to go live a lot more frequently, using high-end external cameras and lighting to host events with a more professional look and feel.

The space also unlocked further opportunities for Printemps to collaborate with influencers and partner brands such as Aigle, Lancel and Moncler.

An evolving format

Le Studio ultimately grew Printemps’ Live Shopping channel and empowered the brand to refine its strategy further.

Using customer feedback, the channel evolved to take on a more editorial feel with more educational and entertaining themes, resulting in higher viewership and customers investing even more of their time.

We measure performance in sales, viewership,and CRM and social media performance. We don’tlook at Live Shopping on its own, we see it as a keypart of an omnichannel strategy.

Maud Funaro Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps


Improvements with Le Studio

The studio took the Live Shopping channel from strength to strength.



growth in average total viewers


growth in engagement rate


growth in add-to-cart clicks

We’re proud of our Live Shopping setup. 
We’ve built a strong revenue stream and an
efficient formula with skill sets we managedto grow internally.

Maud Funaro Chief Transformation Officer, Printemps


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