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Small US Jewelry Brand Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn Achieves 56% ROI in Three Shows


Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn is a small, independent jewelry brand founded by two female business partners in Aspen, Colorado.

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn began in 2020 and has grown to be a huge name in bespoke jewelry with a deeply involved customer base and an extensive product range made entirely in the USA.


56% ROI

in the first 3 livestreams


avg. customer view time


avg. engagement rate


The objective

Like most modern brands big or small, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn relies heavily on ecom.

Their website is where they communicate with customers, convey their unique look and feel and most importantly, generate the majority of their sales.

Having full confidence in existing online, the brand wanted to explore alternative ecommerce platforms to see if they could grow with revenue coming in from beyond just their site.  

They wanted to use Live Shopping as a platform that seamlessly upkeeps their identity and elevates how their community of customers experiences the brand.

It was also very important for Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn that Live Shopping helped them understand what their customers truly want from them.

A key factor when adopting Live Shopping was to diversify ourselves and not be on just one platform. It was important to us that we integrated a solution within our site that elevated the online experience for our community.

Corri McFadden, Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn


The solution

After initial conversations with the sales team, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn had Bambuser’s leading solution, One-to-Many embedded into their site in a few weeks.

Thanks to the One-to-Many's easy to use UX, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn were quickly up and running with branded shoppable livestreams.  

Corri McFadden (Co-Founder and Creative Director) is the face of the brand’s Live Video Shopping. Using nothing more than a smartphone, a tripod and a ring light, she hosts shows that connect her with their community of dedicated customers who ask questions and engage with her via the “chat” and “like” functions.

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn have found a Live Video Shopping rhythm that works for them.

Corri hosts large drops every eight weeks with weekly featured shows in between. She keeps customers engaged in lengthy (one hour or longer) shows that are used to launch new product lines, offer unique discounts and research exactly what their customers want to see on-screen.

Another vital tactic in the brands' Live Video Shopping success is promoting the shows on their social media channels and in their newsletter.

Lastly, they measure each show’s success and make improvements using the extensive stats shown in our Live Video Shopping hub - The Bambuser Dashboard. Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn focuses mostly on new and repeat viewership, engagement and of course, sales.

Consistency is key. Once you set a time to go live it's important you show up for your audience. Customers need to know where and when to find you. If they're going to commit to you, you need to always commit to them.

Corri McFadden, Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn


The results

Live Shopping via Bambuser’s One-to-Many is now the core element in Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn’s sales.

During their first three live shows, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn achieved ROI on the price of Bambuser’s One-to-Many investment with more than 11 months of their contract left to explore the full potential of the technology.

The first show was a recap of a seasonal product line drop titled Sunday Spring Drop Recap, the second was another, extended rundown of the same drop titled Spring Encore LIVE! and the third was a Mother's Day holiday tie-in titled Mid-Day Mother’s Day Gifts.

Here are just a few of the figures Bambuser collected from a data breakdown of those three shows (from live show and 30 days following):

  • 56% ROI
  • 154 total sales
  • 604 total viewers
  • 1,136% avg. engagement rate
  • 27 mins avg. customer view time

Download the PDF case study now to see the full breakdown of the three shows.

“We look forward to growing with One-to-Many as Bambuser rolls out new features and elevates the shopping experience even further.”

Corri McFadden, Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

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