Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

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A small and beloved  female-owned jewelry brand

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn is a small, independent business founded and run by two business partners.

Based in Aspen, Colorado, the brand began in 2020 and now has a three-person team.

Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn is proud to be a  respected name in bespoke jewelry with
a deeply involved customer base and extensive product range made entirely 
in the USA.

We are an extremely small and efficient operation. We’re almost two years old, and for the majority of that time it was just myself and my Co-Founder Rachel.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn







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Key takeaways
for small brands

Consistency is key

A strict schedule provides customers with not only exclusive incentives and an engaging online experience, but a dependable way to shop their favorite brands.

Always test. Always learn.

Identifying key successes and what customers want to see on screen is vital to growing a reliable, profitable Live Video Shoppping platform. 

Keep production minimal

Live Video Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Brands can go live at any time from anywhere with just a smartphone, a tripod and a ring light.

The core of our sales is now Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping... We look forward to growing with One-to-Many as Bambuser rolls out new features and elevates the shopping experience even further.

Corri McFadden,
Founder and Creative Director, Rachel Lynn x Corri Lynn

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