Italian Beauty Brand Hits 42% ROI with Two Livestreams


L'Erbolario is a leader in plant-based cosmetics, offering over 600 products made with 100% recyclable packaging.

From a small town just outside Milan, the brand's botanical garden and sustainable factory supply almost 5,000 touch points in Italy and 200 stores across 45 countries.



ROI after two One-to-Many shows


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The objective

Like many brands, the pandemic taught L’Erbolario the importance of understanding their customers' needs.

The COVID19 pandemic made L'Erbolario realize they needed to nurture customer relationships with both their online touch-points and their physical stores.

Initially, the brand used Instagram Live to interact with customers, hoping to build a direct and engaging dialogue.

This experience, although significant, wasn’t entirely satisfactory. L’Erbolario soon realized how limited social platforms are, not offering features beyond simply displaying products on-screen, which doesn’t differ from a static product page.

So, L’Erbolario approached Bambuser with a very important goal: to create an even stronger and more effective bond with its customers through social commerce.

“Previously we just broadcasted live on social media, but Bambuser is a different game. One-to-Many gives us much more opportunities including the ability to showcase our products better than ever before.”

Luigi Bergamaschi, CEO, L’Erbolario


The solution

In just a few weeks, Bambuser’s onboarding team helped embed One-to-Many into L'Erbolario's site.

L'Erbolario was able to go live with their first show quickly using a simple and inexpensive setup of a smartphone and a ring light.

Bambuser advised L’Erbolario’s ecom team to choose a host with on-hand knowledge of the brand, to be able to quickly and thoroughly answer customers questions on products and processes.

Bambuser also consulted on the time and focus L'Erbolario would need to dedicate to Live Video Shopping, helping them put together a concrete livestreaming calendar to ensure longevity and nurture a sense of comfortability within their customer base.

“Our favorite features are communicating with customers via the chat and being able to thoroughly showcase our products to give our audience more, deeper information.”

Luigi Bergamaschi, CEO, L’Erbolario


The results

For the first time since the pandemic, L'Erbolario can now rely on a solution to create timeless, loyal relationships with customers.

L'Erbolario immediately received an overwhelmingly positive response from their community.

Their customers appreciated having such a unique relationship with a brand that plays an integral role in their daily skincare and wellness routines.

Within their first two shows, One-to-Many attracted over 7,100 customers onto L'Erbolario' site who engaged with their team, explored their product range and made more than 780 purchases.

These purchases alone generated a profit of €11.5k over the annual cost of One-to-Many, equating to an incredible 42.28% ROI.

This sales success is down to One-to-Many's seamless add-to-cart integration, the host’s deep brand knowledge and the fact that L'Erbolario used the Bambuser Dashboard to determine KPIs, measure engagement and fine-tune their Live Video Shopping format.

“We cannot wait to explore the future with Bambuser by our side. One-to-Many is now a crucial part of our online presence and we’re very excited to see what One-to-One can do for us, too!”

Luigi Bergamaschi, CEO, L’Erbolario

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