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Kjell & Company is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Scandinavia more than 120 stores and a loyalty club with two million members.

The friendly in-store staff are what the brand is known for because they clear, expert advice on products that can be tricky to set up.



One-to-One sessions in their first year


dedicated One-to-One sales associates


stores hosting One-to-One calls

Scandinavia’s leading electronics retailer takes its personalized CX online, hosting 7,500+ One-to-One sessions in year one alone.

The objective

With a business model focused on enriching human interactions happening in-store, Kjell & Company found the COVID-19 pandemic a particular hurdle. Not only were they unable to provide their usual level of support that the customers are used to, but they lost a crucial revenue stream.

To weather the storm, they needed their website to perform better than it had ever before. They needed a digital solution that closed the physical gap between their sales personnel and their customers, and they needed it quickly.

One thing we are always striving for is to have the best service in retail. We wanted our sales personnel to meet our customers online to show them that our company's service is off the charts.

Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education at Kjell & Company

Scandinavia’s leading electronics retailer takes its personalized CX online, hosting 7,500+ One-to-One sessions in year one alone.

The solution

Bambuser’s One-to-One solution was the perfect way for Kjell & Company to continue providing their personalized customer service. To ensure they are given the correct and most relevant knowledge, customers can speak to members of staff with specific expertise across their entire network of stores. Having numerous sales representatives ready to talk on a deeper and more personalized level allows Kjell & Company to never miss the chance to help a customer and to encourage sales. This is all possible no matter what time it is or how busy it gets during their opening hours.

The flexibility of Bambuser’s technology means customers not only have the option to use the full, HD video chat function, but they can also speak to staff using audio only or by typing out their queries for staff to provide immediate responses. The sales team can walk customers through products, show them in real time and compare them side-by-side, as well as pull specs up on-screen. They can also fill customers’ shopping carts on their behalf, allowing their customers to stay on product pages and make purchases seamlessly and securely.

We don't take these calls in the back stockroom, we do it live in front of other customers right on the shop floor. We can take the call, help the customer and gather the products without them ever stepping foot in the store.

Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education at Kjell & Company


The results

Kjell & Company went live with Bambuser’s One-to-One product in the fall of 2020 and has since rolled out the service to include every one of their 126 stores across Scandinavia. The One-to-One sales team now consists of over 800 members, each using the simple and intuitive Bambuser Dashboard every day to answer customer queries, no matter how complex.

The solution is now a large and integral part of the high-quality customer service the brand is known for, with over 7,500 customer calls taking place in the first year alone. For the future, Kjell & Company plans to increase the presence of and reliance on their One-to-One offering. Bambuser is helping them to refine and streamline how they match customers with the right sales associates based on expertise, language requirements and more.

Learn more about Kjell & Company’s One-to-One offering and watch some pre-recorded calls here.

We believe [Bambuser One-to-One] will give us the edge in customer service in the future.

Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education at Kjell & Company.


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