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Live video shopping in Indonesia

Buttonscarves is an Indonesian retailer specializing in headscarves and Muslim wear. Born in 2016 out of a belief that headscarves can be both practical and fashionable, Buttonscarves' offerings (alongside sister company Benang Jarum) now include clothing, jewelry, and accessories. As an ecommerce company, Buttonscarves are very focused on selling products online and making the customer experience the best it can be.

“Live stream shopping is new, especially in Indonesia. So we want to be the pioneer of the shopping experience. And we want to show that we're different from other companies, in Muslim wear especially.”

Tasha Fitri Amalia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Buttonscarves

Grabbing attention in a crowded marketplace

The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Indonesia, with a forecasted growth of more than 10% year-over-year from 2021 - 2025. This is great for the Indonesian economy but also means there is a lot of competition among retailers. Therefore, finding ways to differentiate from the competition is crucial. In autumn 2020, Buttonscarves became one of the first Indonesian retailers to use Live Video Shopping, using Bambuser’s One-to-Many technology to hold weekly live shopping events for their customers. They have since built a devoted following who tune in for regular live streams.

“We launch new Buttonscarves products with live shopping each week. Usually, we’ll be sold out in a short time.”

Tasha Fitri Amalia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Buttonscarves

If you have fun, they will too

There are two secrets to Buttonscarves’ success with Live Video Shopping: exclusivity and engagement. New products are introduced first on the live stream, where viewers can order them before anyone else. Buttonscarves’ weekly live streams are hosted by the company founders, who model the clothing, talk about the features, and answer customer questions right on stream. The engagement and two-way conversation have helped Buttonscarves create a devoted following who tune in to their live shopping broadcasts — and it has even led to some new products selling out from live shopping orders alone.

“We can track how many orders we get from the live streaming. We can interact directly with our customers and get insights from them. And best of all it's fun!”

Tasha Fitri Amalia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Buttonscarves

Keeping things fresh and new

Buttonscarves' advice to other companies interested in Live Video Shopping? Keep the content new and fresh by changing your backdrop regularly; offer the customer something they can’t get anywhere else but the live stream (a giveaway, discount, or even just access to certain inventory); and don’t fret too much if something goes wrong. Just be yourself! These tips have helped Buttonscarves build their live shopping efforts into profitable weekly events with hundreds of concurrent viewers.

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