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Personalized service from anywhere

Kjell & Company is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Scandinavia, with close to 2 million members in their customer loyalty club. The company prides itself on the excellent product knowledge and the solution-oriented perspective they take to customer service. But when customers can’t visit the store in person, they lose access to that personalized service. “One thing we are always striving for is to have the best service in retail,” says Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education at Kjell & Company. “We wanted our sales personnel to meet our customers online to show them that our company's service is off the charts.”

“[Bambuser] understood that the customer experience needs to be analogous to the in-person, in-store experience and not something that could be achieved through a regular video call.”

Martin Knutson, CTO, Kjell & Company

An enhanced ecommerce solution

Using Bambuser One-to-One, customers shopping on Kjell & Company’s digital properties can have live, one-on-one conversations with the most relevant experts from across the company’s stores, wherever and whenever is most convenient for them. Throughout the interaction, the customer can see the product in action, pull up product specs on-screen, compare products, and fill their shopping cart. They can then make purchases seamlessly and securely. “We don't take these calls in the back stock in the store,” says Swärdh, “we do it live in front of other customers right on the shop floor. We can take the call, help the customer, and gather the products without the customer stepping foot in the store.” Customers have the option to use video chat, audio-only chat or text-only chat, depending on their preferences.

“If you're going to shop with us, you can call us from home and get the same service that you would get if you came to the store.”

Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education, Kjell & Company

Great from every touchpoint

Since implementing the One-to-One product in the fall of 2020, Kjell & Company have rolled out the service to include all of their 126 stores. Nearly 800 sales associates are available to take customer calls. This has helped the company weather the global pandemic despite declining in-store visits. “[Bambuser One-to-One] is something we can use to provide the same level of service but in a digital format,” says Swärdh. “Our most loyal customers can still call their own stores and get the same service as they get when they go to the store.”

“We know that more customers want to shop online. With Bambuser One-to-One, we can provide the same level of service but in a digital format. So it's been crucial.”

Jonas Swärdh, Head of Education, Kjell & Company

The competitive edge: customized service

Kjell & Company’s future plans are to increase One-to-One personalization: To be able to match customers with sales associates based on subject matter expertise, language requirements, and more. “We believe [Bambuser One-to-One] will give us the edge in customer service in the future,” says Swärdh.

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