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Good advice on every channel

Matas is one of the largest beauty and skincare marketplaces in Denmark. They have a solid offline presence with more than 250 stores around the country and a powerful online presence. Their motto is “Beauty and well-being for life”. They aim to be the best in class when it comes to inspiring and guiding customers through 1-on-1 personalized dialogue with their experts and offering different platforms for entertaining and educating their customers. When COVID-19 first hit Denmark in March 2020, Matas was looking for a way to continue educating and engaging their customers, even if they couldn’t visit experts in the store. So they turned to live streaming with Bambuser and created Matas LIVE. Within 10 days of signing the contract, Matas was up and running with their first live video shopping event.

“When COVID-19 first hit Denmark in March 2020, it was very important that we enhance the dialogue on digital channels. So we decided to launch Matas LIVE – liveshopping on - using Bambuser’s solutions.”

Janne Andersen, Head of Digital Business Development, Matas

Matas LIVE makes a splash

Matas LIVE is broadcast twice weekly from – usually on Monday and Thursday. The program changes from week to week, as Matas try to cover as many different subjects in the realm of beauty and health as possible. They’ve welcomed a slew of celebrities and influencers to their shows as well, including Olympic swimmer Jeanette Ottesen, actor Chris Hemsworth, fitness coach Charlotte Bircow, beauty guru Ole Henriksen, and many more. Matas have a dedicated editorial staff who develop and produce Matas LIVE shows each week, including writing up manuscripts, securing special promotions, coordinating with guests, and handling each show’s marketing.

"Using Bambuser’s tool has opened a new way of communicating with our customers.”

Cecilia Demant, Editor-in-Chief, Matas LIVE

Great content has a long shelf life

Matas LIVE has become a truly memorable live shopping experience. But the focus for Matas is not purely revenue: education and entertainment are also at the top of their priority list. They look closely at engagement rate and watch time because these metrics give the best indication of whether the viewers like the content or not. They also make good use of recorded lives: “Especially the first few weeks following the premiere we see a lot of additional views come in,” says Cecilia Demant, Editor-in-Chief of Matas LIVE. “We ensure that the shows continue to create value by – amongst other things – implementing them on the relevant product detail pages for customers to interact with while shopping.”

”We’re now in a situation where prominent guests ask to be on the show, have had several experiences with product launches exceeding all expectations, and have created a new media outlet that brings value and entertainment to our customers.”

Cecilia Demant, Editor-in-Chief, Matas LIVE

Consistency equals success

What advice would Matas give to other companies interested in Live Video Shopping? First: note that live shopping is a unique and quite demanding format, and it can take some trial and error to find the best type of live shopping for your audience. “Test, fail, learn – and stay consistent,” says Demant. “Test out different setups when it comes to topics, storyline, location, host, frequency, show length, etc. until you find what works best for you and your customers.” Demant adds that live shopping isn’t just about financial KPIs. “If your content is good, live shopping contributes positively to your brand perception, building relationships with your customers and bringing actual value.”

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