One-to-One for personalized shopping experiences

Interactive video shopping between one customer and your sales agents — an effective way to bring a personal touch to your ecommerce.
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Features customers love

Product promotion and comparison

Make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for by showcasing and comparing products and their features.

Shopping cart integration

Guide and support your customers through the purchasing process with a virtual shopping cart and a secure link to the checkout page.

Live chat

Effortlessly interact with customers who prefer texting over voice and video while still getting the full experience.

Why Bambuser

World-class streaming technology

Provide your customers with superior mobile streaming video quality.

Enhanced customization

Customize the native experience with branded design and full control over transactions and customer data

Custom integration

Unlock the power of your business by integrating with your booking systems, active directories, CRM solutions, etc.
“We strongly believe this evolution is an important cornerstone supporting next-generation e-commerce experiences, where the best elements of the physical and digital worlds come together.”
Eric Lundberg, CEO of Kjell & Company (Scandinavia’s leading supplier of consumer electronics)
Kjell & Company use Bambuser to upgrade the ecommerce experience

Kjell & Company use Bambuser to upgrade the ecommerce experience

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