A fully equipped studio that sits as the hybrid between the physical and digital realm

Welcoming the future of retail to physical stores

Retail is undergoing its biggest transformation in modern times and Live Video Shopping is considered to be one of the most important facilitators of that future. In the world’s second largest ecommerce market, the US, the livestreaming market is still in its infancy yet Coresight projects it to hit $25 billion by 2023. 

Using phygital to connect the online and offline worlds is a way to allow you to create closer, more efficient and more human customer experiences. 

“It feels great to be able to offer retailers a unique way to market themselves, especially now during such challenging times.”
Göran Swärdh, Business Developer, AMF Fastigheter
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The objective

Bambuser and AMF Fastigheter have partnered together after understanding that retailers can no longer afford to sit in a wait-and-see mode. They need to reimagine their way of working and take the customer experience to the next level. The objective for AMF Fastigheter is to continuously show retailers the importance of change, why adapting can be the difference between success and failure and how important it is to understand new consumer behaviors. The purpose of the project is to explore and learn about bridging online and offline activities to future-proof the business and stay relevant.
“Through the partnership with Bambuser we have an opportunity to learn and develop new value-added concepts to meet the ever-changing needs within retail.”
Göran Swärdh, Business Developer, AMF Fastigheter

The solution

Studies have shown that more things will change within the next 3-5 years compared to the last 50 years. Given this rapid pace of change, Bambuser and AMF Fastigheter have created The Lobby Live - a fully equipped production studio and a fully furnished hub for pop-ups, product launches, seminars and events, situated in the heart of Stockholm, in the attractive Shopping Centre, MOOD Stockholm. AMF Fastigheter are committed to support brands and retailers to utilise the space for physical pop-ups and consumer events, with the added leverage of Live Video Shopping. The Lobby Live Studio offers a great flexibility and can be rented for a day or a week.
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“We are committed to support brands and retailers to utilise the space for physical pop-ups and events, with the added leverage of Live Video”
Göran Swärdh, Business Development Manager, AMF Fastigheter

The results

Having only started The Lobby Live in the last 6 months, there has been great interest from many different industries. The combination of a physical and digital space in a state-of-the-art studio that is inspired the clients, as a way to explore the opportunities of Live Video Shopping, has led to very positive feedback.
“With The Lobby Live, our clients can interact with their customers on a new platform in both a sales area and an innovative marketing channel, resulting in both increased relevance, reach and accessibility.”
Anna Thelander, Marketing Director, AMF Fastigheter
By continuing to focus on the synergy with digital e-commerce and physical events, AMF Fastigheter have now been able to have discussions with hundreds of retailers where many are looking to understand how they can capitalise on The Lobby Live. The overarching excitement and benefit is such: that all physical events and pop-ups held within The Lobby Live can not only be used as a well situated, rentable studio space, but also as a simultaneous Live Shop that improves their online customer experiences and encourages online sales.

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