Property giants, AMF Fastigheter, bridges the gap between their physical shopping centres and online shopping

Staying physically relevant in an increasingly online world

Retail strategy is changing and maximizing both the online and offline realms to fuel each other is key. Whilst online shopping will continue to be an essential factor, the future success of retailers will ultimately depend on creating a union between the customer experience both online and within stores.
“Our aim is to create environments which people will find attractive and want to be in. And if there is something we can be sure of it’s that people want to meet and experience things together.”
Mats Hederos, CEO, AMF Fastigheter

The objective

AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies, boasting a large catalogue of development sites within shopping centres, offices, trade and hotels. In a world where consumers shop and interact more and more online, AMF Fastigheter’s objective was to ensure their brick-and-mortar businesses remained relevant, harmonizing the world of physical and digital and continuing to add value to their tenants through Live Video Marketing.
“Through the partnership with Bambuser we have an opportunity to learn and develop new value-added concepts to meet the ever-changing needs within retail.”
Göran Swärdh, Business Developer, AMF Fastigheter

The solution

AMF Fastigheter worked with Bambuser’s ‘Phygital Solutions’ division to create a new way to use Live Video as a Marketing activity. One of the shopping centers now uses Bambuser’s technology as a mechanism to highlight and entice online viewers to their physical spaces, as well as offering broader accessibility to the shopping center through an increase in reach providing a new way to communicate and market the center.

Through the technology they have been able to offer a taste of what visitors can expect if they were to physically visit the shopping centres, retailers and stores in an authentic, interactive and effective Live Video series.
2 girls  presenting a video live

The results

The Live Video Marketing-activity has been a great success in many ways. Together with Bambuser’s production support, AMF Fastigheter has now created a dedicated weekly show named MOOD Live - an inspiring and virtual lifestyle-TV-programme format, where a local host invites different influencers, brands and experts to discuss the chosen topics of the show. During the show, the host interacts with different stores within the complex, focusing on different themes and the hottest trends in fashion, food, interior design, wellness and beauty. This has also been an excellent way to communicate the latest news in the area to attract more visitors to the location.
“Together with Bambuser we have removed the boundaries between digital and physical. The format has been greatly appreciated by our tenants and adds value that can’t be matched by more traditional marketing campaigns.”
Anna Thelander, Marketing Director, AMF Fastigheter
Marketing and storytelling have been the core drivers for AMF Fastigheter, with their retail tenants jumping at the chance to be part of one of the weekly shows.  Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping has therefore bridged the gap and enabled both physical offline retail and digital online retail growth succinctly. All products mentioned in a MOOD Live are shoppable, with a same day delivery solution within the area. AMF Fastigheter is delighted they can add value for their tenants via reach, awareness and increased accessibility.

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