What Is Live Video Chat?

Video chat is a remote and visual communication between more than one party, each with a microphone and camera to hear and see the other party. Most people have tried video chatting on applications such as Skype, Facetime, Google Meet, Zoom, and others at least once in their lives.


For businesses, video chat is an effective tool for interviews, training, meetings, and sales. Internally, it is a resourceful way to connect with remote or international employees, helping to build team spirit. But its applications have expanded over time, with businesses continuously trying to find innovative, new strategies to enhance their online presence, boost customer engagement and drive online sales. Video chat has become an increasingly important communication tool in today’s digital-first business world.

Live video chat is a tool that enables you to have real-time conversations with people on your website. This is beneficial to both businesses and customers, as they can answer questions or solve problems via the chat window, instantly and easily. Customers can now interact with their brands of choice online instead of visiting a physical store, while still getting a personalized experience. Using live chat enhances the digital customer experience through instant interactions. By delivering exceptional customer service and a personalized shopping experience, you increase brand recognition and promote more significant relationships with your audience, and can also give your sales a boost while you’re at it. How Does Live Video Chat Work?

Video chat uses a technology called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Essentially, the Internet is used to make and receive phone calls. Similar to making a phone call and waiting for someone to pick up, video chat services connect to the internet and transmit a call request to a receiving device.

Once the call is answered or connected, the video and audio information sent by either device is encrypted into digital packets. The receiving device then converts this information into video and audio. This entire process runs continuously throughout each video chat session.

Benefits of Video Chat in Your Business

The essential purpose of live video chat is to foster relationships with customers. A live chat agent can help customers.

  • By answering their questions
  • By directing them through the website
  • By assisting them to find and buy the products they want

Live conversations are typically thought to offer more human connection than conversations via texts. This can simplify building rapport with people who may not want to contact your business otherwise. Here are a few benefits of using video chat in your business:

Quicker Response Time

Live video chat provides a quicker response time than phone calls or other forms of contact, giving you a competitive edge against competitors who use similar strategies. Businesses that use live chat have seen a substantial reduction in response time, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Discovering Your Customers' Needs and Desires

Another benefit of live chat is that it provides real-time feedback. Real-time feedback helps businesses adapt swiftly to satisfy the expectations of their customers better and realize what can be improved about their services or products.

Live chat gives you more time for other tasks like emailing, social media marketing, and advertising because it frees up your time from answering customer inquiries.

Increased Lead Generation and Sales

Video chat can generate live leads and sales by giving prospective customers a live demonstration of your service or product. When you can interact with would-be customers by providing live video consultations, you will seem more trustworthy to them, and they will be more inclined to purchase from you.

Integrating Video Chat for Business

In today's business world, convenience is everything. Live video chat for customer support delivers quicker responses. This enhances the credibility of the brand and improves customer satisfaction.

Video chat solutions offer immediate, centralized, and contextual support. It functions as a one-stop tool for customers. Live chat agents can:

  • Identify the source of the customer's issue, decrease the number of touch-points, and provide real-time solutions, creating a memorable digital clienteling experience.
  • Resolve technical issues that require visual capability. A good example is troubleshooting software problems.
  • Help businesses create long-lasting relationships with their customers by making them feel their voices are being heard.

Today's customers prefer to remain on the website to get a resolution to their problems. With website-integrated chat video support, connecting to customer support by phone will slowly become a thing of the past.

The Future of Live Video Chat in Business Communication

Integrating video chat into your website could quickly reap benefits for your business. Video chat allows communication between website visitors and your team, enabling your team to deliver valuable support. Some of the ways video chat will improve the future of business communication include:

  • Creates a digital workforce - Video conferencing can foster a cooperative meeting culture within your workforce. It also enhances your capacity to collaborate worldwide and quickens decision-making. Video conferencing is helpful for task assignments and giving out information.
  • Reduce travel costs - Video conferencing can reduce travel costs and increase productivity among remote workers. When considering the costs of business travel versus video conferencing, video conferencing is the obvious winner.
  • Bringing the team together - Video conferencing fosters team building and rapport. Team members located anywhere can tackle difficult jobs together. Businesses today are turning to video conferencing and its solutions (chat, recording, messages, whiteboards, and screen sharing). Your business will project a unified organizational image to clients and customers alike.

The Bottom Line

Businesses and consumers anticipate the adoption of live video chat to skyrocket in future years. We live in a video-first world, and businesses need to make the most of this opportunity.

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