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May 2022

Discover these three new One-to-One updates

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As the industry’s leading personalized Live Video Shopping solution, Bambuser’s One-to-One is constantly being tested and improved.

These most recent updates improve mobility and security, with the tech team introducing three innovative new features to empower your team with the functionality they need to nurture sales and increase customers’ confidence in One-to-One sessions.


1. Cobrowsing

The Cobrowsing feature enables your team members to join customers on the pages they’re viewing within One-to-One sessions. Now, by hitting one button, they can quickly see exactly what the customer sees without having to waste time searching on the site, enabling them to offer advice and expertise in a much faster and more streamlined way.

Read more about it here.


2. Safety Blur

We’ve created a customer blur filter to ensure that One-to-One is at the peak of modern safety and security standards.

Now when a customer joins a One-to-One session with a member of your team, they will appear behind a blur filter that can be switched on or off.

The Safety Blur ensures your team feels safe when connecting with customers they have never met before.

Learn more here.


3. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding enables your team to forward their One-to-One session from one device to another, bringing the customer with them as they switch.

How can Call Forwarding help your brand?

Imagine a member of your team is in a One-to-One session away from the shop floor but the customer needs to know a specific detail about a product that the team member needs to double check.

Now they don’t have to call the customer back, but they can move the call and provide a product demo live from the shop floor, thoroughly answering the customer’s questions and significantly improving the likelihood of a sale.


Would you like to try out these new features for your brand?

Speak to you point of contact about Cobrowing, Safety Blur and Call Forwarding today!

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