January 2022

2022: The Year of Personalized Shopping

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Face-to-face just got digital

Brands across the globe are getting to grips with just how important it is to have Live Video Shopping integrated within their ecom and customers are equally enjoying seeing their favorite brands hosting livestreamed shopping events in collaboration with some of their favorite people.

But in 2022, lots of Bambuser’s clients are growing their Live Video Shopping offering to include One-to-One, the world’s leading online personalized shopping solution.

Discover how One-to-One works and how one of Bambuser’s clients is already using it to be a customer service pioneer:


1. What is One-to-One?

The future of customer services  

Bambuser's One-to-One is a Live Video Shopping solution created to connect one representative of a brand with one of their customers in a private, shoppable video call.

It’s essentially a website add-on that – for the majority of Bambuser’s clients – lives on a “help”, “contact”, "consultation" or "personal shopping" page within a site. After a quick and easy installation with the help of Bambuser’s tech team, your customers can request to immediately jump on a call or they can schedule them for a future ideal time, giving the brand the opportunity to find an agent who best suits their prerequisite  needs.

Not only does One-to-One provide an authentic, human touch on how to speak to customers online, but it’s easy to use interface creates an incredibly powerful conversion opportunity where agents can showcase, demonstrate and compare items.

For the first time ever, we're offering you the opportunity to try it for yourself in the next free BamTalks webinar. Here you will be able to interchange between a customer and brand view to experience the full solution. RSVP here to attend and to find out the times, agenda and panelists.


2. Who is already succeeding with One-to-One?

Scandinavia’s leading electronics retailer

Bambuser’s client, Kjell & Company is a leading electronics retailer that is using One-to-One to set the standard for customer service in Scandinavia.

The innovative company consists of hundreds of experts across the Nordics that are trained to not only know their stock well, but also their customers.

For years the brand has been regarded as a thought-leader when it comes to customer service, so it made perfect sense they wanted to elevate their relationship with their customers by using Bambuser’s One-to-One solution.

Read their successful case study here.


“We strongly believe this evolution is an important cornerstone supporting next-generation ecommerce experiences, where the best elements of the physical and digital worlds come together.”

Eric Lundberg, Kjell & Company CEO


3. How can your business benefit from using One-to-One?

Bambuser can help you achieve lots of different goals

One-to-One is a flexible solution that performs differently for each brand, so with your particular successes in mind, there are lots of options you need to consider when launching One-to-One. Thankfully, Bambuser’s experts are here to guide you.

When it comes to the KPIs you want to achieve, Bambuser will walk you through how to use One-to-One to increase conversion, boost engagement, create happy and healthy customer relationships.

Bambuser will also help you decide on:

-    Your timing setup: Should your agents be taking immediate or scheduled calls from your head office or shop floor?

-      Your cost setup: Should you offer an everyday open-door policy for calls or windows of time to be more cost effective?

-    Your customer focus: Should you use One-to-One to reward loyal customers or to attract new customers?

These are important questions that we can answer together with your individual needs in mind.

Want to know more about our One-to-One solution? RSVP to the free webinar or find out its full capabilities, features and information here.


2022 is incredibly exciting for brands evolving their Live Video Shopping. Our clients that offer their customers face-to-face conversations via One-to-One are smashing sales records left, right and center!

Sophie Abrahamsson, CCO, Bambuser

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