January 2019

Live video streaming with drones

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Due to the unique viewpoints drones offer they have naturally gone hand-in-hand with video to capture beautiful overview footage.

Examples of commercial use cases of drones

Commercial and enterprise use of drones has exploded to offer smarter solutions for monitoring business assets including:

  • Industrial inspections of assets such as wind turbines, construction sites, vegetation and farms, solar panels, oil rigs
  • Emergency response services
  • Aerial mapping of landscapes and buildings
  • Package deliveries
  • Media coverage

All of these examples share the same opportunity of leveraging live video to enable real-time coverage of the situations.

Bambuser’s contribution

Bambuser supports live video streaming from a multitude of commercial and professional drones. Through RTMP forwarding capabilities and other standard outputs, live video can be  streamed directly to Bambuser’s content management tool and incorporated into real-time video workflows.

Live video pipeline overview

Streams can be:

View our detailed guide on how to set up RTMP streaming using a DJI Drone

Getting started

It goes quick to get started with Bambuser, we offer a free 14-day trial of the platform and transparent pricing:

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