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January 2023

One-to-One Quarterly Update: Q4 2022

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Optimized to quickly convert site visitors into customers

2022 was a year of incredible growth for One-to-One, starting with a massive UI upgrade to elevate the overall experience and provide a more premium feel for both you and your customers.

We also rolled out two impactful features: cutting-edge Cobrowsing to guide customers through product choices on site and the definitive Virtual Try-On that empowers brands to offer true-to-life AR experiences within calls.

In Q4 our focus has been your customers’ drop-in experience, making it more smooth to minimize drop offs and secure more sales.


Triple your customer calls with the Video Widget

The new and improved Video Widget entices customers into One-to-One calls with your staff using an eye-catching video as opposed to a simple image.

Our data has already shown that brands utilizing the new widget are experiencing a staggering 300% increase in the number of customers who join One-to-One call queues and calls.

Say goodbye to the static look and feel of run-of-the-mill chatbots and drive more conversion than ever before by catching customers no matter where they are on your site.



“Personalization is vital in 2023 and One-to-One is the perfect solution. It’s a sales machine made even more user friendly for staff and customers.”

Nils, Product Area Lead, One-to-One


Welcome customers into calls more easily

To make sure your customers are prepared before joining a One-to-One call, we’ve updated the welcome screen to be more intuitive.

We’ve also redesigned the mic and cam permissions with pre-default options your customers can choose. This not only prevents technical difficulties within the call, but it allows customers to quickly connect with sales agents to get the relevant help they need.


Minimize drop offs with the new queue UX

The feeling of standing in a queue with no idea of how it will last is extremely frustrating. That’s why we’ve updated your customers’ queueing experience to keep them updated with their progress in real time.

Now they get an estimated waiting time, a numbered place in the queue and also a number of agents who are online and available.


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