The Phygital world is reinventing and transforming the physical space-experience digitally

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What is Phygital?

Phygital, also known as hybrid retail, is defined as the initiative that mixes the physical and digital customer experience in the same journey. It takes the best aspects from each realm to create a more satisfying, holistic, and unique customer experience.

Phygital solutions are the optimal way to please the hyper-connected and demanding consumer of today.

Maximizing both offline and online strategies, in harmony, has become one of the top priorities for many retailers today.  E-commerce has had significant growth and will continue to grow and be an essential part of the overall retail strategy moving forward. Now the future success of retailers will fundamentally depend on creating a cohesive customer experience, both online and in stores, bridging the gap between online and offline. While e-commerce is growing, a major part of the purchases is still done physically.  

Phygital is the answer. It takes the best components from the digital retail experience together with the chance to interact with people, the product, and what you get from a brick-and-mortar retail experience. This is the optimal way to please the hyper-connected and demanding consumer of today. Retailers need to meet the consumer needs through multiple platforms. How can retailers be prepared for the new phygital world that we all are part of today?

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Our three offers

01 — physical retail

Curated customer experience online
This is a great way to mirror your physical-space-experience, digitally. Use it to market a shopping center, a store/department store or even a hotel in new ways. Share your story, talk about news in the area, broaden your reach and increase customer availability. This is the perfect way to drive traffic physically as well as enabling sales and interactions online.
Curated customer experience online - bambuserA phyigital studio - bambuser live video shopping


A phygital studio
We support you to launch your own phygital studio, permanent or mobile, in a shopping center or a store. The purpose of the studio is to combine physical popups or events with live-shopping-events. Launch a new product or collection, invite your customers to a seminar around the latest trends, invite them to a yoga session combined with a sample sale or why not run a limited-edition event both physically and live-streamed? The possibilities are endless.

03 —Property owners

Tailor made solutions
The possibilities are endless, and we are all ears and happy to develop new exciting solutions together with our customers. We are eager to hear about your needs and your thoughts. Contact us to start the conversation today.
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Tailor made solutions - live video shopping

Case studies

Mood live case study - live video shopping Bambuser phyigital
Curated Customer Experience Online

Mood Live

Property giants, AMF Fastigheter, bridges the gap between their physical shopping centres and online shopping.
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The Lobby live cazse study - bambuser phygital live video shopping
A phygital studio

The Lobby Live

A fully equipped studio that sits as the hybrid between the physical and digital realm.
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