Peach generates $27,000 revenue in their first Live Video Shopping show

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Peach is a clothing brand that provides women with stylish athleisure apparel, high-quality basics and a huge range of accessories. The brand’s CEO, Janet Kraus says: “Peach was founded on a simple, yet big idea. That a fashion brand could help women elevate their everyday.” 

In the U.S. they’re known for being the go-to for premium, comfortable and reliable essentials, or what Kraus describes as: “The 20% of your wardrobe that you wear 80% of the time”.

Peach generates $27,000 revenue in their first Live Video Shopping show

The objective

Peach’s business approach is knowing what women really want from their clothing; which is why a healthy, communicative relationship with their customers is crucial to them. 

To upkeep this relationship, Peach’s usual way of touching base with their customers is via pop-up shopping experiences, an offering the brand is also well-known for. But, when the pandemic struck in 2020, they found themselves unable to personally connect with and sell to their customers. 

They needed to quickly provide a digital solution to continue delivering this people-focused shopping experience and remain in their customers’ minds.

“With Bambuser we have digitally re-created a shopping experience that excites and entertains clients, enables better data analysis, leverages our small sales and marketing team, and scales much, much faster than anything we were doing previously.”
Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach.

The solution

Peach approached Live Video Shopping with an aggressive goal to go live as quickly as possible to keep their consumers’ experience at the forefront of their business strategy. 

After researching and discovering that Bambuser’s technology and integration is the most fluid and seamless within the industry, Peach reached out and within just eight days went from signing a contract to going live for their first show.

Peach wanted their first Live Video Shopping show to cater for and reward their most loyal customers. So, with the help of Bambuser’s consultation and guidance, they decided to debut their Winter 2020 Collection via a private, invitation-only 45-minute fashion show. They were able to create a sense of exclusivity by offering giveaways, special discounts and early access to their latest line of clothing.

The show was set up and hosted entirely in-house and Peach’s staff were able to replicate their usual physical, pop-up shopping experience. They interacted with their viewers in real time, upkeeping a human, conversational feel by quickly answering any questions and talking them through product features in detail.

Peach generates $27,000 revenue in their first Live Video Shopping show
“We met on Monday, signed the contract on Friday and launched on Tuesday. The Bambuser platform and the team are amazing!”
Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach

The results 

The decision to launch their Winter 2020 show via an invite-only event was extremely well received. It allowed Peach to offer customer experience and a sense of exclusivity they hadn’t been able to prior. The show gained an incredible 300+ loyal viewers that led to a 14.8% add-to-cart rate and a staggering $27,000 in revenue. 

Utilizing Bambuser’s replay feature also allowed Peach to strategically keep the shoppable pre-recorded fashion show on their site and open it up to a larger audience. This generated further sales and increased the show's overall revenue by an incredible 25%. 

“We loved it. Our stylists loved it. And the sales are on fuego!”
Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach

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