Samsung beats conversion goals by 127% with Bambuser Live Video Shopping

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Samsung is one of the most prestigious multinational electronics companies in the world. Working at the forefront of technology since 1938, they now work in over 75 countries and employ over 230,000 staff. Their mission is to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society.

Samsung beats conversion goals by 127% with Bambuser Live Video Shopping

The objective:

Samsung were on the cusp of debuting their highly-anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G mobile phones with an objective to capture, engage and inspire their target audience of Gen Z & Millennials. They wanted to launch their new product in a unique & memorable way that drove sales and hit their conversion KPIs.

"We exceeded all targets, in particular sales, with conversion rates more than twice our campaign goals.”
Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital & D2C, Samsung

The solution

In collaboration with Relatable - a Bambuser agency partner - Samsung revolutionised their launch by utilising two of the most impactful initiatives available in e-commerce today: influencers/brand ambassadors and Live Video Shopping. Setting the scene in one of their coveted showrooms, Samsung combined Bambuser’s D2C (Direct to Consumer) live shopping technology with the world of influencers; where every viewer had the opportunity to ask questions, connect with the influencers and to buy products in real-time, whilst watching the live stream.

Knowing that influencer content and social media ads were two of Samsung’s most important ways to engage with younger consumers, live shopping provided a natural addition to their already successful influencer strategy. Bambuser allowed them to cater to an ever demanding Gen Z & Millennial audience who are seeking a deeper connection with brands.

Samsung beats conversion goals by 127% with Bambuser Live Video Shopping
“Younger consumers and shoppers expect more from both traditional retail & ecommerce. We saw live shopping as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the two.”
Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital & D2C, Samsung

The Results

This was Samsung's first campaign with Bambuser and certainly not their last. The show garnered almost 1000 live viewers, all who watched, shopped and engaged for over 5+ minutes of the show. With their key objective being sales conversion, they were elated to see they superseded their KPIs by more than twice their expectations at +127%.

What has been an added result for Samsung was that 4x more viewers took the time to tune in, watch and shop the launch via the recorded show. Samsung has now created a dedicated landing page coined #LiveAtSamsung - a new and improved way to make their influencer strategy, live videos and sales last longer. It is still bringing in results now.

”Planning, execution, and content production was flawless. The Mad Men era is over, it's time for digital creators to help you build your brand!”

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