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The feeling of in-person shopping online

Peach is a social commerce brand selling premium, contemporary athleisure apparel, elevated basics and fashion accessories. As a brand, they excelled at creating in-person “pop-up shopping” experiences. But when COVID hit, the company needed to change direction. “[When] the doors to ‘in-person’ shopping slammed shut, we needed an elevated digital approach to deliver our live shopping experiences,” says Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach. The solution? One-to-Many Live Video Shopping from Bambuser.

“We met on Monday, signed the contract on Friday and launched on Tuesday. Your platform and your team are amazing!”

Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach
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Live interaction creates true connection

Peach debuted their Winter 2020 Collection with an online, invite-only fashion show for their most loyal customers, the Peach Insiders. During the course of the 45-minute show, Insiders were treated to live giveaways, special discounts, and early access to the newest items. Experience the show in action. Hosts were able to interact with the viewers and answer their questions in real-time, creating a real shopping experience. Peach was able to produce the entire show in-house with guidance from Bambuser's senior producers.

“We loved it. Our stylists loved it. And the sales are on fuego!”

Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach
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Customer experience that scales

Nearly 300 people attended the Winter 2020 launch event, with the end result of a 14.8% add-to-cart rate and revenue of nearly $27,000 during the 45-minute live stream. “With Bambuser we have digitally re-created a shopping experience that excites and entertains clients, enables better data analysis, leverages our small sales and marketing team, and scales much, much faster than anything we were doing previously,” says Janet Kraus, CEO of Peach.

“Bambuser customers have been able to leverage the recorded versions of their shows to keep making sales long after the stream ends."

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Recorded events bring in more profits

Bambuser’s data shows that retailers benefit from extending the life of their live video shopping events by posting recordings of the show to their website. Peach boosted profits by another 25% by posting a shoppable recording of the Winter 2020 launch on their website.

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