Samsung beats conversion goals by 127% with Bambuser Live Video Shopping





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Using live video shopping to launch a product

It's hard to predict the market's response to a product launch. But what happens with a product launch when you can meet your customers in real time? See what questions they have straight away and answer them right there and then? For Samsung, it meant a whole new way of taking a product to market and an unimaginable lift in sales compared to their own benchmark, +127% to be precise. How did they do it? By using Bambuser software and campaign expertise from Bambuser partner Relatable.

“Younger consumers and shoppers expect more from both traditional retail & e-commerce. We saw live shopping as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the two.”

Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital & D2C, Samsung

Influencers help build buzz

Influencer content and social media ads are the two most important sources of inspiration for Gen Z & Millennial early adopters. Samsung has created a strong network of influencer brand ambassadors, and live shopping felt like a natural addition to their influencer strategy. In collaboration with Relatable, a trusted Bambuser agency partner, Samsung engaged two influencers/brand ambassadors to debut the highly-anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G in an event hosted at their Stockholm showroom. Viewers were able to ask questions, engage with the influencers and other viewers, and buy the product in real-time while watching the live stream.

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"We exceeded all targets, in particular sales with conversion rates more than twice our campaign goals.”

Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital & D2C, Samsung

The best of both worlds

By replicating what consumers love about physical retail in an online shopping experience, Samsung was able to woo the next generation of online shoppers. For a first campaign, driving almost 1000 viewers with an average viewing time of over 5 and a half minutes is great. The conversion rate among event attendees was more than twice (+127%) average conversion and campaign benchmark/goals. In addition, to date, 4x more viewers have watched the recorded show with similar engagement numbers.

”Planning, execution, and content production was flawless. The Mad Men era is over, it's time for digital creators to help you build your brand!”

Krister Karjalainen, Head of Digital & D2C, Samsung

The future of direct-to-consumer digital

This has been one of several live shows done by Samsung, and our guess is that we will see more formats of shopatainment from the brand. You can see how the Bambuser player has been implemented on the Samsung website, and watch live shopping videos, here.

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